Online Advocate Directory

Online Advocate Directory

At its simplest, a legal directory is a listing of attorneys by location and/or practice area that is organized so as to be searchable. The purpose is that anyone seeking for legal solutions to quickly explore the advocates for relevant services. since consumers in need of legal advice / solutions are in a hurry on web, so providing information of all advocates related for legal services should be easily navigable or searched.


This is a feature rich service that enables an advocate to have a global reach for customers/clients seeking legal advocacy. Advocates can submit their details professional profiles that any client seeking for legals service would like to read about the advocate.


The Online Advocate directory from ADLAW provide following features for the advocated to maintain their professional profile on web.


  1. User friend Dash Board
  2. Detail Profile
  3. Practising area
  4. Practising Courts
  5. Qualification Details

Advocated can be navigated based on their geographical location
  1. STATE
  2. CITY

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