E-Citation Certificate By Star - 2021: For Pandemic Workers

Dedicated Work in Covid-19 by Pandemic Warriors would be felicitated with Star - 2021 Online E-Citation Certificate

Dedicated work in Covid-19 by pandemic warriors would be felicitated with Star - 2021 online e-citation certificate. In the global crisis of the Covis-19 pandemic, civil society, local informal first-responders, civil society, the Diaspora, businesses, local governments, military, local and international non-governmental organizations all play a crucial role in the timely delivery of humanitarian aid. They are serving society and humanity through their matchless contribution in such a period of distress and agony. They espouse the cause with synergy and innovative coordination. It is high time to appreciate their dedicated services and matchless contribution to society. This was informed by Shri Santosh Shukla, Supreme Court; Advocate (President, World Record Book Limited, United Kingdom).

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