Pt. Vishnu Prasad Shukla is one of the global personalities who has carved the niche through his visionary social, cultural, corporate and political leadership for empowering society Alma World has been growing under his ablest leadership since its inception. He strongly feels that leadership is essential for the growth and sustainable development of any nation and leaders could pave the right direction of the nation to get integrity and prosperity. Leaders must have the vision to lead the people of the country. His rich corporate experience and extensive traveling have been milestones for the success of Alma World’s journey.

He really has a gift for passing on profound wisdom with knowledge. His particular strength is his ability to motivate aspirants and awaken their desire to practice intensely, to find a higher meaning behind everything, and to add warmth and energy to everyday life. He is the first Chairman of the Alma World. He also promotes eco-friendly and holistic development projects and supports women and young people.

Under the dynamic leadership of the chairman, the Alma World has started activities in skill development, IT, educational and computer education training, entrepreneurship development, social awareness, vocational and others. Pt. Vishnu Prasad Shukla has been associated with many national and international corporate organizations and academic institutions. His pioneering mission of the Alma World is to educate, motivate and encourage youth for the betterment of society. He is a recipient of many felicitations and awards for his outstanding contribution to society.